The Association of Polish Fruit Growers is an apolitical, voluntary association acting on behalf of and for the best interests of Polish Fruit Growers. The Association was established in May 1999 and formed on the initiative of fruit growers from the Grójec region, the largest fruit growing region in Poland, often referred to as the "The Largest Orchard in Europe”. The members of the Association of Polish Fruit Growers and Partner Organisations specialising mainly in the cultivation of strawberries, highbush blueberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, apples, chokeberry, sweet cherry, pears, gooseberries and sour cherries.

The activities of the Association of Polish Fruit Growers is focused on the following strategic points:

  • Promotion of the consumption of fruit and a healthy diet;
  • Initiating legal amendments concerning horticultural activities;
  • Taking measures to create a sound legal, economic and organisational basis for the further consolidation and integration of the Polish horticultural sector on the internal market of the European Union;
  • Propagation of technical, commercial and legal knowledge connected with the fruit farming sector;
  • Fostering sustainable economic development and the entrepreneurship of the fruit farming sector;
  • Promotion of organic farming production methods and protection of the natural environment;
  • Promotion of European integration, the development of contacts, and exchange of experiences between societies;
  • Assistance in acquiring funds from the European Union and the national budget;
  • Representation of the needs and interests of fruit growers; provision of consulting services in the area of fruit cultivation;
  • Shaping opinions and evaluations of fruit cultivation;
  • Consultations and communications on matters concerning fruit growers;
  • Organisation of social activities and peer assistance and mentoring.

The many educational and promotional campaigns and initiatives conducted by the Association of Polish Fruit Growers include the three-year information and promotional programme under the motto of "Apples Each and Every Day” in Russia and Ukraine, the multiannual organisation of the Polish national stand at the FRUIT LOGISTICA International Trade Fair for Fruit and Vegetables in Berlin and the two-year information and promotional campaign titled "Eat Vitamins to Get Back to Health” addressed at children staying in hospitals. The Association of Polish Fruit Growers also was a partner and joint organiser of the promotional campaign for Polish apples "High Quality Polish Apples” and the organiser of the International Raspberry Conference in Lublin under the patronage of the International Raspberry Association.