How to choose fruits of best quality? Pay attention to their certificates.

They are fresh, tasty and nutritious. We can enjoy the delicious taste of berries in and out of season. How to choose fruits of the best quality? Pay attention to their certificates.

What does food certificate tell us?

Certificate determines the high quality of a given product. Therefore, when we choose certified food we can be sure that it has been produced according to the standards concerning, inter alia, safety issues. We are also guaranteed that farms producing fruit successfully underwent strict controls regarding production, harvest and storage.

Exceptional quality in Europe

Fruity certificates

GLOBAL G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice) Certificate – it is an independent, voluntary and currently the most popular food safety assurance system for agricultural production. One of its main purposes is to reduce the use of fertilizers and plant protection products to the necessary minimum. The purpose of this practice is to improve the condition of our environment and ensure the longest possible use of agricultural areas.[1] We, the consumers, also take advantage of it, as we can purchase products which properties and composition are closest to the natural ones. Information on GLOBAL G.A.P. certificate is placed on fruit packaging. The logo of Global G.A.P does not appear there, but a 13-digit number (GGN) identifying a farm of origin of the fruit is included. Once you enter that number on, you will receive detailed information.

Exceptional quality in Europe

IPO System – (Integrated Fruit Production) it is a modern system for quality of food of plant origin. Special attention is given to environment protection and human health – integrated production imposes on manufacturers the obligation to reduce the use of plant protection products to the minimum.[2]

Certificate and registered trademark of IP (Integrated Production) are the confirmation of the high quality of crops from IP. However, not all species of fruits and vegetables can be certified. IPO mainly applies to black and red currants, raspberries, highbush blueberry, strawberries, apples, pears, plums, peaches, apricots, gooseberries and cherries.[3]

"30 minutes” Standard – this is a new, higher standard for harvesting of highbush blueberry that was developed and implemented in Poland. It depends on cooling fruits right after picking. This process must be carried out within max. 30 minutes – thus the name of it.  Ripe and undamaged fruits are manually segregated and stored in transparent containers for easier initial control. Then, they are placed in larger boxes and quickly transported to a sorting plant where they are cooled. The best ones are again picked here. Later, fruits go to the walk in freezer where they wait to be transported to consumers.[4] That is why, we can purchase blueberries that keep freshness longer, and are firmer and juicier.

Exceptional quality in Europe

The purpose of all production standards and certificates applicable in Europe is to produce fruits of high quality. Fruit farmers make effort so their products could have the best taste and keep their freshness as long as possible. Therefore, consumers – meaning all of us – can enjoy European berries of exceptional quality.

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