Healthy lifestyle with berries – tasty and healthy diet which will make you feel better.

Fashion for a "healthy lifestyle" has been surrounding us for several years everywhere we go. Colourful magazines, internet portals and all social media channels are full of posts connected with the topic of a healthy lifestyle. Most people already know what stands behind this magic name, a for those who don't know – we are rushing to explain.

To become familiar with a definition of this term it's enough to start the Instagram application and search for posts tagged with #healthylifestyle hashtag. You will see over dozen million pictures of people doing sports and of colourful and tasty-looking fit-dishes. This is the "healthy lifestyle" we are interested in. It's nothing else but taking care of your shape with a proper diet, habits and exercise, and simply enjoying it.

Fruity lifestyle

First of all, healthy eating!

Slogans such as "You are what you eat", "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are" are very important in the "healthy lifestyle" philosophy. And as far as you have a vast selection of fruit, vegetables, cereals and meat to choose from while planning your diet, the situation with menus containing sweets is merciless. For some people this is the end, and for some this is only a beginning of a new, healthy way of living. It all depends on approach, because amateurs of sweets, who are on a diet, managed to find many solutions to this problem. If you are familiar with the hashtags #raw, #granolabar or #nanacream then you must know that "sweet" doesn't always have to mean "unhealthy". Today, we are going to give you a few simple ideas for fit sweets using the characters from the Power Fruits campaign.

Fruity lifestyle

A diet is not scary for berries!

In the beginning it is worth to highlight that berries have few calories ­– they contain little sugar and at the same time they are full of vitamins and minerals. Just to compare, one bar of milk chocolate with strawberries contains over 570 kcal[1] and 100 g of fresh, raw strawberries, straight from a punnet, contain only 32 kcal (sic!).[2] Blueberries have a bit more calories (approx. 57kcal/100g[3]), raspberries (approx. 52 kcal/100g[4]) and blackcurrants (approx. 63kcal/100g[5]).

Ice cream? First of all, those banana and berry-based! Freeze the fruit over a night, then blend them and voila! Optionally, you can add a tablespoon of peanut butter and sprinkle the dessert with coconut flakes.

Fruity lifestyle

A bar? Mix one Greek yoghurt with a tablespoon of maple syrup. Place the mixture that is around 1 cm thick - on a baking paper and sink blueberries, raspberries and pistachio in it. Put into a freezer over the night. In the morning cut it into rectangles. Ready!

Pudding? Soak ¼ package of tapioca pearls in coconut milk (approx. 400 ml), add 2 tablespoons of maple syrup or one tablespoon of xylitol and simmer for 25 minutes, stir every now and then. Put the ready pudding into a jar and pour a mousse from blended strawberries over it!

The Internet is a mine of inspirations, therefore we encourage you to look for sweet, light and easy recipes incorporating berries. Soon, you will also be able to find more of these on our website in the Recipes tab! In the meantime get carried away with the healthy fashion!