On the basis of the latest data compiled by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in 2013, approx. 11 012 811,8 tonnes of berries were collected globally, over 1/4 of which were harvested in Europe. The production of these fruit in the European Union is an important element of national economies within the EU. Strawberries constituted the largest percentage share in the production of berries within the EU according to research and statistics establishments. According to FAO and Eurostat estimates, the harvesting of this fruit have reached a level of 64% and 66%, respectively. The next item on the list of berry cultivation was blackcurrants – constituting 17%  and 12%, and raspberries – 10 %.

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Table 1. Berry production in the EU in 2013. Based on FAO data (www.fao.org)


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Table 2. Berry production in the EU in 2013. Based on Eurostat data (www.ec.europa.eu/eurostat)