Berries as a way to deal with stress

Stress induced by tight schedule for projects, or by attempts to keep balance between professional duties and private life, is, these days, almost our every-day reality. Medical assessment of the influence of stress on our health is unambiguous. Tension which originates from our work, has a very negative impact on the condition of our whole body. Apart from chronic tiredness, the most serious effects of stress include cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal complaints, metabolic abnormalities, or even depression[1]. In small doses, stress can mobilise us to act. Often, however, it comes in a cumulated form and causes poor concentration and problems with creative thinking.

There are many ways to reduce the level of work-related stress. Some of them, among others, include improvement of time management at work and physical activity. Balanced diet has also a significant impact on reducing level of stress. Human body does not have the ability to store many vitamins and minerals, consumption of which helps to relieve effects of stress. That is why it is important to remember about regular meals during work, that are rich in useful substances. Berries are excellent solution because they can be eaten in the simplest form, which does not require taking long breaks from performing professional duties.

Vitamin C is one of the most important substances which support human organism during psychophysical effort. It is present, in large quantities, in most berries. Vitamin C contributes to reducing feeling of fatigue, it also helps to maintain proper energy metabolism. Blueberries, for example, are a valuable source of this vitamin. This type of fruit, also contain iron, deficits of which may lead to quicker tiredness. Vitamin C is also an important ingredient of strawberries. Raspberries are another type of berries which are rich in iron. Moreover, they are characterised by particularly high content of minerals, including magnesium and calcium. On the other hand, chemical composition of blackcurrants includes, among others, vitamin C, PP and E. Thanks to those extraordinary properties of berries, their regular consumption may have a very positive impact on our professional effectiveness.

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